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Snowflakes Over Bay Tree Terrace thumbnail
Snowflakes Over Bay Tree Terrace eAudiobook
Fay Keenan / Harriet Hare

When teacher Florence Ashton receives a surprise inheritance she decides to make the life-changing d..

What Now? thumbnail
What Now? eAudiobook
Shari Low / Helen McAlpine

Alice Lang was wearing her favourite scarlet dress when she disappeared twenty-five years ago and he..

The Villa of Dreams thumbnail
The Villa of Dreams eAudiobook
Lucy Coleman / Lucy Scott

Seren Maddison left behind a rainy Britain to follow her dreams and live and work in Lisbon. The vib..

Moonlight Over Studland Bay thumbnail
Moonlight Over Studland Bay eAudiobook
Della Galton / Laura Kirman

Animal loving Samantha Jones is on a mission to ‘live the dream’.When best friend Abby has a bea..

Coming Home to Seashell Cottage thumbnail
Coming Home to Seashell Cottage eAudiobook
Jessica Redland / Lucy Brownhill

Since the age of sixteen Clare O’Connell has lived her life by four strict rules: 1. Don’t talk ..

What If? thumbnail
What If? eAudiobook
Shari Low / Helen McAlpine

1999.Carly Cooper is 30 single and after coming close to saying ‘I Do’ to six different men she..

The Village of Lost and Found thumbnail
The Village of Lost and Found eAudiobook
Alison Sherlock / Helen Keeley

Scandal hit party girl Lucy Conway needs to leave London fast so she packs her bags and escapes to t..

The Transatlantic Book Club thumbnail
The Transatlantic Book Club eAudiobook
Felicity Hayes-McCoy / Marcella Riordan

Eager to cheer up her recently-widowed gran Cassie Fitzgerald persuades Lissbeg library to set up a ..

Summer in the Vineyards thumbnail
Summer in the Vineyards eAudiobook
Natalie Meg Evans / Charlotte Strevens

Shauna Vincent has just learned that the job she set her heart on has gone to a well-connected rival..

In The Time We Lost thumbnail
In The Time We Lost eAudiobook
Carrie Hope Fletcher / Cathleen Mcccarron

Luna Lark doesn't want pity - she wants a fresh start. Somewhere she can write mend her broken heart..

Hammer to Fall thumbnail
Hammer to Fall eAudiobook
John Lawton / Lewis Hancock

It's 1960s London and spy Joe Wilderness should be living like James Bond. But alas in the wake of a..

The Gin O'clock Club thumbnail
The Gin O'clock Club eAudiobook
Rosie Blake / Helen Keeley

Lottie is always in a hurry rushing around ticking tasks off her to-do lists. Teddy is worried about..

A Season In The Snow thumbnail
A Season In The Snow eAudiobook
Isla Gordon / Anna Acton

Alice Bright loves her life. She has a job she adores a devoted family and friends she'd lay down he..

If I Could Say Goodbye thumbnail
If I Could Say Goodbye eAudiobook
Emma Cooper / Helen Keeley

Jennifer Jones' life began when her little sister Kerry was born. So when her sister dies in a tragi..

The Perfect Gift thumbnail
The Perfect Gift eAudiobook
Emma Hannigan / Emma Lowe

Ever since she can remember Roisin has received a birthday card in the post. Signed with love from t..