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The Collier's Wife thumbnail
The Collier's Wife eAudiobook
Chrissie Walsh / Anne Dover

Leeds 1918. When Amy visits her husband Jude at Beckett's Park Hospital he doesn't recognise her. Br..

The Orphan Girl thumbnail
The Orphan Girl eAudiobook
Chrissie Walsh / Penelope Freeman

West Yorkshire 1901. When Eli Simmonite takes in a heavily pregnant woman fleeing from peril he feel..

Emerald thumbnail
Emerald eAudiobook
Iris Gower / Claire Morgan

Charlotte knew nothing of her parents except that they'd died when she was a child. And when her aun..

A Child is Born thumbnail
A Child is Born eAudiobook
Donna Douglas / Penelope Freeman

Christmas Eve 1936. On a foggy December night a pregnant woman walks out in front of a trolley bus a..

A Christmas Gift thumbnail
A Christmas Gift eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1939. Sixteen-year-old Lizzy Atherton is forced to flee her violent stepfather in the midd..

An Orphan's Winter thumbnail
An Orphan's Winter eAudiobook
Sheila Jeffries / Emma Powell

Almost a decade after being rescued from a shipwreck by a local Cornish family sixteen-year-old Lott..

Girls on the Home Front thumbnail
Girls on the Home Front eAudiobook
Annie Clarke / Patricia Gallimore

August 1941: As war sweeps across Britain and millions of men enlist women must fight the battle on ..

A Valley Secret thumbnail
A Valley Secret eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

Lancashire 1930s. When her mother dies leaving her an old sewing box and a clue to her father's iden..

Christmas with the Railway Girls thumbnail
Christmas with the Railway Girls eAudiobook
Maisie Thomas / Julia Franklin

Manchester 1941. When Cordelia’s daughter arrives home unexpectedly she can't wait to introduce he..

A Cornish Homecoming thumbnail
A Cornish Homecoming eAudiobook
Terri Nixon / Penelope Freeman

Liverpool 1930. Reformed con-artist Leah Marshall has long yearned for the thrills of her former lif..

The Halfpenny Girls at Christmas thumbnail
The Halfpenny Girls at Christmas eAudiobook
Maggie Mason / Julia Franklin

As Christmas approaches Alice Edith and Marg continue to face hardships growing up on one of the poo..

A Cornish Orphan thumbnail
A Cornish Orphan eAudiobook
Sheila Jeffries / Penelope Freeman

Following a terrible storm seven-year-old Lottie is rescued from a shipwreck by local Cornishman Arn..

A Liverpool Girl thumbnail
A Liverpool Girl eAudiobook
Elizabeth Morton / Elizabeth Morton

Her father is dead and her mother doesn't want her... When Babby's dad is killed in a senseless bar ..

Shipyard Girls Under the Mistletoe thumbnail
Shipyard Girls Under the Mistletoe eAudiobook
Nancy Revell / Janine Birkett

Sunderland 1944. As the promise of victory draws closer this Christmas will surely be one to remembe..

White Christmas thumbnail
White Christmas eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

December 1938. Rozalin Sachs has grown up in the vibrant city of Frankfurt. But with the Nazi Revolu..