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The Bone Hunters thumbnail
The Bone Hunters eAudiobook
Joanne Burn / Catrin Walker-Booth

In 1824 Lyme Regis is as tumultuous as the sea that surrounds it. Wealthy holidaymakers dance in the..

Kitty McKenzie thumbnail
Kitty McKenzie eAudiobook
AnneMarie Brear / Sarah Durham

1864: Suddenly left as the head of the family Kitty McKenzie must find her inner strength to keep he..

The Imaginary Lives of James P?neke thumbnail
The Imaginary Lives of James P?neke eAudiobook
Tina Makereti / Toby Webster Available 24th February 2024

It begins with the normally healthy Beth - aged-care worker wife of David mother of Lettie and Gem -..

Child of the Ruins thumbnail
Child of the Ruins eAudiobook
Kate Furnivall / Imogen Church Gloria Sanders

Berlin 1948. World War II has ended and there is supposed to be peace but Russian troops have closed..

Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms thumbnail
Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

From the shattered empire five kingdoms are emerging. Seleukos triumphant in the capture of Babylon ..

The French House thumbnail
The French House eAudiobook
Jacquie Bloese / Candida Gubbins

Left profoundly deaf after an accident Émile is no stranger to isolation - or heartbreak. Now as Na..

Rebellion thumbnail
Rebellion eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 60. Britannia is in turmoil. The rebel leader Boudica has tasted victory against a force of tough..

Empire thumbnail
Empire eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Tim McInnerny

Pericles returns home more than a hero: he's the leader of Athens the empire's beacon of light in th..

The Tuscan Orphan thumbnail
The Tuscan Orphan eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Stephanie Cannon

1944 - When an air raid strikes the hospital she's been working in Carrie's life irrevocably changes..

Droits of the Crown thumbnail
Droits of the Crown eAudiobook
David Donachie / John Telfer

John Pearce faces a court martial but will a cowardly chief witness stand up to questioning? With th..

The Palace Girls thumbnail
The Palace Girls eAudiobook
Emma Royal / Annie Aldington

Buckingham Palace 1951. The nation is on the road to recovery after World War Two. And so is Milly H..

University Tales thumbnail
University Tales eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Jack Sheffield

York 1988. Dr Tom Frith is beginning his first term as a tutor at the University of Eboracum. After ..

The Air Raid Book Club thumbnail
The Air Raid Book Club eAudiobook
Annie Lyons / Jilly Bond

London 1938. Bookseller Gertie Bingham is facing difficult times having just lost her beloved husban..

The Wounded Heart thumbnail
The Wounded Heart eAudiobook
David Wiltshire / Andrew Wincott

There was no doubt in Lt. Mike Gibson’s mind that he was going to die. As a lieutenant in the Roya..

Cleopatra & Julius thumbnail
Cleopatra & Julius eAudiobook
Joanna Courtney / Chloë Sommer

Consecrated at birth as a royal goddess Cleopatra learns early on that to rule means to fight. Polit..