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I Saw Him Die thumbnail
I Saw Him Die eAudiobook
Andrew Wilson / Joan Walker

Who saw him die? I said the fly with my little eye. I saw him die. An astonishingly beautiful settin..

The Chancellor's Secret thumbnail
The Chancellor's Secret eAudiobook
Susanna Gregory / David Thorpe

In 1360 the Great Bridge over the River Cam is close to collapse. As arguments rage over raising the..

Phone for the Fish Knives thumbnail
Phone for the Fish Knives eAudiobook
Daisy Waugh / Penelope Rawlins

When Hollywood wants to do a remake of the film that made Tode Hall famous India and Egbert are deli..

The Art of the Assassin thumbnail
The Art of the Assassin eAudiobook
Kevin Sullivan / David Thorpe

Glasgow 1898. A man is found stabbed to death in a tenement block. Juan Camerón photographer-cum-sl..

The Dying Day thumbnail
The Dying Day eAudiobook
Vaseem Khan / Maya Saroya

Bombay 1950. For over a century one of the world's great treasures a 600-hundred-year-old copy of Da..

Blackout thumbnail
Blackout eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Simon Mattacks

Berlin December 1939. Paranoia in the capital is intensified by a rigidly enforced blackout that plu..

Skelton's Guide to Suitcase Murders thumbnail
Skelton's Guide to Suitcase Murders eAudiobook
David Stafford / David Stafford

A woman’s dismembered corpse is discovered in a quarry and police quickly link the victim back to ..

Winter of Despair thumbnail
Winter of Despair eAudiobook
Cora Harrison / Mark Meadows

November 1853. Inspector Field has summoned his friends Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins to examin..

River of Sins thumbnail
River of Sins eAudiobook
Sarah Hawkswood / Jonathan Keeble

July 1144. Ricolde 'the finest whore in Worcester' is found butchered on an island a few miles up th..

The Custom House Murder thumbnail
The Custom House Murder eAudiobook
Mike Hollow / Simon Mattacks

September 1940 is finally drawing to a close. With London having endured the Blitz for nearly a mont..

The Diabolical Bones thumbnail
The Diabolical Bones eAudiobook
Bella Ellis / Kristin Atherton

Christmas 1846 and Haworth is in the grip of a freezing winter. Charlotte Emily and Anne Brontë are..

Powder Smoke thumbnail
Powder Smoke eAudiobook
Andrew Martin / Richard Burnip

York railway station December 1925. Detective Inspector Jim Stringer is enjoying a pint in the Parlo..

The Stratford Murder thumbnail
The Stratford Murder eAudiobook
Mike Hollow / Simon Mattacks

October 1940. Bombs are falling on Stratford when air-raid warden Sylvia Parks sees a house with a l..

Murder at Madame Tussauds thumbnail
Murder at Madame Tussauds eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / Peter Wickham

London 1896. Madame Tussauds opens to find one of its nightwatchmen decapitated and his colleague no..

The Canning Town Murder thumbnail
The Canning Town Murder eAudiobook
Mike Hollow / Simon Mattacks

September 1940. As the Blitz takes its nightly toll on London and Hitler prepares his invasion fleet..