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Gringo thumbnail
Gringo eAudiobook
Nelson Nye / Jeff Harding

Walt Parras wakes up at the bottom of a cliff beside his horse...which has a bullet-hole in its head..

A Far Trumpet thumbnail
A Far Trumpet eAudiobook
Fred Grove / Jeff Harding

After twelve years of service, First Lieutenant Scott William Dunham, 6th Cavalry, is court-martiale..

The Desert Hawk thumbnail
The Desert Hawk eAudiobook
Harry Sinclair Drago / Jeff Harding

When Aaron Thane's business begins to fail, he purchases a small ranch in northern Nevada. His daugh..

Mesquite Johnny thumbnail
Mesquite Johnny eAudiobook
Barry Cord / Jeff Harding

When Red Tanguey and Lew Ferin run into trouble, leaving Red mortally wounded and Lew having vanishe..

The Devil's Corral thumbnail
The Devil's Corral eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr. / Jeff Harding

The Devil is a recalcitrant horse who has resisted all efforts to ride him - to the point of putting..

Pursuit thumbnail
Pursuit eAudiobook
Verne Athanas / Jeff Harding

Seven stories of the West, in which cavalry troopers clash with Apaches, homesteaders learn to manag..

The Gunsmith thumbnail
The Gunsmith eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

When Spartanville is brutally raided, Dave Petrie leads the manhunt to track down the culprits. In r..

The Good Badman thumbnail
The Good Badman eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Three Western stories. A man on a mule must intercept a killer on horseback. A sharpshooter threaten..

Thieves' Brand thumbnail
Thieves' Brand eAudiobook
Giles A. Lutz / Jeff Harding

A young man becomes deputy marshal in a part of Oklahoma where rustling is rampant, and meets a salo..

The Quiet Gun thumbnail
The Quiet Gun eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

George Carpenter's wife Carrie is out of town - and he has fallen in love with Irene Cobalt, his you..

Border Wolves thumbnail
Border Wolves eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Jeff Harding

Three tales of the Old West. Eighteen years ago, Hank Griffin and Sam Sorrels, accused of murder and..

The Prairie Baroness thumbnail
The Prairie Baroness eAudiobook
Robert J. Steelman / Jeff Harding

Lutie Hamlin was a young woman who knew the value of fine things, even if she had none to call her o..

Rangers Of The Lone Star thumbnail
Rangers Of The Lone Star eAudiobook
Zane Grey / Jeff Harding

Deputy Marshal Russ Sittell is on special assignment from the Texas Rangers to work with Vaughan Ste..

Nine Lives thumbnail
Nine Lives eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Ex-Texas Ranger, Silas Durfee, is tasked with keeping young Henry Vincent out of trouble in exchange..

The Golden Cat thumbnail
The Golden Cat eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

John Jones and his partner are hired to escort a group to a cursed hacienda in the middle of bandit ..