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A Child Is Born thumbnail
A Child Is Born eAudiobook
Donna Douglas / Penelope Freeman

Christmas Eve, 1936. On a foggy December night, a pregnant woman walks out in front of a trolley bus..

The Hungry Tide thumbnail
The Hungry Tide eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Sarah Foster's parents have been fighting a constant battle with poverty. When her father, Will, is ..

Rosa's Island thumbnail
Rosa's Island eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Rosa grew up an orphan in a remote island East coast of Yorkshire. Taken in as a small child by the ..

His Brother's Wife thumbnail
His Brother's Wife eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

1860. Harriet is trying to care for her ill mother, and has just lost her job. The last thing she ex..

Every Mother's Son thumbnail
Every Mother's Son eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Daniel has lived his whole life with his mother, adoptive father and his stepbrothers and sister in ..

Learning To Dance thumbnail
Learning To Dance eAudiobook
Susan Sallis / Nicolette McKenzie

Judith is suddenly all alone in the world. Her husband, Jack, has left her - why, she doesn't really..

Where The Shamrocks Grow thumbnail
Where The Shamrocks Grow eAudiobook
Cathy Mansell / Grainne Gillis

Jo Kingsley is transported from her turbulent childhood of domestic servitude, to the sophisticated ..

Her Father's Daughter thumbnail
Her Father's Daughter eAudiobook
Cathy Mansell / Grainne Gillis

Soon after Sarah Nolan arrives in Cork, she befriends sixteen-year-old Lucy, who has been left aband..

Dublin's Fair City thumbnail
Dublin's Fair City eAudiobook
Cathy Mansell / Grainne Gillis

On her deathbed, Aileen's mother reveals a secret she has kept for eighteen years, and pleads with h..

The Promise thumbnail
The Promise eAudiobook
Freda Lightfoot / Penelope Freeman

San Francisco 1904: Georgia Briscoe is in love with British sailor Ellis Cowper but unwillingly betr..

My Lady Deceiver thumbnail
My Lady Deceiver eAudiobook
Freda Lightfoot / Karen Cass

1905. Rosie Belsfield feels as if her life has ended when she is rejected from Ellis Island and put ..

Beyond The Blue Hills thumbnail
Beyond The Blue Hills eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Laura Collins is struggling to make a good life for her daughters, Tess and Tina. So when she is off..

Sons And Daughters thumbnail
Sons And Daughters eAudiobook
Margaret Dickinson / Nicolette McKenzie

Charlotte is an only child, reared by a brutal father who cannot forgive her for not being the son h..

Jenny's War thumbnail
Jenny's War eAudiobook
Margaret Dickinson / Penelope Freeman

Evacuated to Lincolnshire from the East End, Jenny Mercer is frightened of the wide open spaces and ..

Heart And Home thumbnail
Heart And Home eAudiobook
Lyn Andrews / Julie Maisey

Cathie Kinrade is used to hardship. Growing up in a fishing community on the Isle of Man in the 1930..